WEXO Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH
Siemensstraße 13 
D-61352 Bad Homburg 
   Telefon: (06172) 10 62 06 
Telefax: (06172) 10 62 13 
Email: verkauf@wexo.com



Threading Tools
Our standard program of threading tools is covering nearest all demands of the user. You will find the right tools for cutting internal threads in material up to 63 HRC. 
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Milling Tools
No matter if you are milling the conventional way nor with high speed or hardened materials, you will find the optimal milling tool of HSSE-Co, powder metal steel or micro grain carbide here.
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Drilling Tools
If you are looking for a tool to drill into stainless steel or even hardened materials you will find it here.
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Catalogue Order
Here you can order our newest catalogues and brochures.
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